American Pointer Club, Inc.

Founded in 1938, the American Pointer Club (APC) is a member club of the American Kennel Club and, as such, has the privilege of seating a delegate at the AKC's quarterly meetings. A non-profit organization, known informally as the National Breed Club - or Parent Club - for Pointers, the APC is the guardian of the breed and determines the official breed conformation standard. It urges APC members, breeders and judges to accept the Pointer standard as approved by the American Kennel Club. To that end, the APC offers Judges Education seminars throughout the year at various AKC and/or APC events.

The Club sponsors Pointer competitions including an annual traveling National Specialty (often with a field trial and hunting test, agility, obedience, and rally events); an annual National Field Championship that rotates between the eastern and western U.S. each year; plus regional and supported events for conformation, hunting tests, field trials, obedience and agility. It also encourages the organization of independent local Pointer specialty clubs, with the goal that those clubs will work to meet American Kennel Club requirements for AKC sanction and host APC-sanctioned events.

The APC maintains contact with local Pointer clubs and individual members through this Website and a quarterly news magazine, Pointer Points , which reports official APC business and many facets of the sport. APC's Board decisions and strong membership participation allow the Club to preserve, protect, and promote the Pointer breed on all levels.

"The American Pointer Club, Inc., in principle,
condemns the concept of on-line auctions of dogs."


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